Unfortunately, most seniors think if they have done some estate planning, have Medicare and are collecting social security, they're covered. However, nothing could be further from the truth. You see, while medicare, supplemental health insurance, and a prescription drug plan generally covers medical issues, they DO NOT cover long term care issues. And long term care can be extremely expensive. Sure there's some overlap between medical care and long term care, but to ensure that one doesn't become impoverished as they age, one should seriously consider speaking with an elder law attorney about long term care options.

Our Elder Law Legal Services Include:

  • Medi-Cal Planning. While Medi-Cal in California has many different components, in the elder law world, we are focused primarily on the long care benefits offered. You should know that when it comes to just Medi-Cal long term care, there are numerous types of benefits available. But in our elder law practice, we're focused on getting people the care which helps them remain in their least restrictive environment. In other words, our philosophy is to help seniors continue to live safely and affordably in their own home. While there are many ways to achieve this objective, we're most proud when we help people obtain In Home Care Support Services, with no share of cost (i.e., for free). Sometimes in so doing, we can even get family members paid to provide their loved ones with that care. On the other end of the elder care continuum, when skilled nursing facility care cannot be avoided, we help people obtain the highest level of care, without going broke. Finally, in between these two extremes, we often help people obtain a whole host of other Medi-Cal long term care benefits.
  • Veterans Aid & Attendance Pension Assistance. Similar to Medi-Cal long term care benefits, the benefits available under VA Pension are many and varied. In our practice, we find that most Veterans are aware of “Compensation Claims” and also have a vague notion about lifetime military pension benefits. But what Veterans (or their widows) need to know is that there is an entirely different benefit out there which helps people pay for long term care. This benefit is known as VA Pension, and when it is enhanced, or rather when a Veteran (or his spouse) needs lots of help, we help them go after the enhanced benefit known as Aid & Attendance. Without a doubt, VA Aid & Attendance Pension Benefits can be extremely helpful to Veterans (and/or their widows) who wish to remain in place at home but can't afford to do so. Likewise, Aid & Attendance is extremely effective in helping people pay for an assisted living level of care.
  • Medi-Cal & Veterans Asset Protection Trusts. Figuring out how to best qualify for Medi-Cal or Veterans' Pension Benefits usually involves creating either a Medi-Cal Asset Protection Trust or Veterans Asset Protection Trust, and then carefully moving assets that we want to be protected into that Asset Protection Trust. Besides enabling our clients to avail themselves of Medi-Cal and/or Veterans Pension Benefits, these trust simultaneously help people avoid a California probate and/or conservatorship proceeding – which are two of the main reasons to set up a revocable living trust and ancillary documents thereto, in the first place.

Compassionate & Sophisticated Guidance

Our elder law legal services can help your aging loved one protect their legacies while accessing the benefits they need to pay for necessary long term care expenses, including care at home as well as skilled nursing facility care. Our attorney has over 20 years of legal experience and is a Board Certified Specialist in Estate Planning by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization as well as a Past-President of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Southern California Chapter. Our firm's multifaceted approach to estate planning and elder law involves helping seniors qualify for government benefits, including VA Pension and Medi-Cal, while taking proactive steps to protect assets to help them live their best lives.

How We Can Help

Because obtaining caregiver services at home or in an assisted living facility generally costs many thousands of dollars per month, it's often impossible for seniors to pay these expenses, without going broke. We believe that seniors and those who love them ought to be able to get the help they need, live comfortably, and not become impoverished as they age.

With those noble pursuits in mind, we help families create elder law focused estate plans (when they are not in immediate need of long term care) as well as elder law asset protection plans when they need it most. Unless you are a multi-millionaire, the best advice we can give seniors is to NOT rely on a regular estate planning attorney, social worker, health care worker or anyone else for that manner when it comes to long term care. Instead, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and make sure you speak with an experienced elder care law attorney when creating an estate plan.

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Our attorneys can assess your family member's circumstances and advise on how best to help them qualify for Medi-Cal and/or Veterans' Pension Benefits. Our experienced legal team helps people implement estate planning and elder law strategies that protect them and their assets. But you should know that elder law is in a constant state of flux and the more time we have to plan, the better that planning will be. So If you need help, don't hesitate. Contact us today for an appointment.

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