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After someone passes away, heirs and beneficiaries do not always accept the validity of a trust or will, which can create some major legal conflicts that require the assistance of an experienced attorney. At Kaiden Elder Law Group, PC in Oxnard, our will contest and trust litigation attorneys will work tirelessly on your behalf to resolve this heated legal matter as smoothly as possible. We understand how stressful this situation can become and will do what it takes to reduce your stress and burdens.

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What Are the Grounds for Filing an Objection to a Will or Trust?

Although it is common for some to believe they were unfairly excluded from inheriting certain assets, this is not a good enough reason to successfully contest a will or trust.

Here are some grounds for filing an objection that can hold up in court:

  • If the will or trust was signed under duress or undue influence, it could render the will or trust unenforceable. It is a type of abuse often inflicted on elders, so if you believe this happened to your loved one, you have grounds for an objection.
  • Wills and trusts can be revoked, so if there is evidence that the will or trust that is being recognized was revoked, its legitimacy can be contested.
  • For a will or trust to be enforceable, it is necessary for the person drafting and signing it to be of sound mind throughout the entire process. Otherwise, the will or trust will not be considered valid.
  • A person cannot write down their final wishes on any piece of paper. For it to hold up in court, it must be properly formalized and signed in the presence of a notary or witnesses. If these procedures are not followed, its validity may be challenged.

You can rely on our litigation services to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your loved one's beneficiaries.

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The aftermath of a loved one's passing is often overwhelming and, if you or another beneficiary is contesting the will or trust, it can create some more complications. However, the legal team at Kaiden Elder Law Group, PC in Oxnard can provide the support and guidance you need to smoothly navigate your case towards a resolution.

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The Process of Contesting a Will or Trust in California

You will need to act relatively quickly and decisively if you intend to challenge a Will or Trust in California. Any interested party can file a contest in the appropriate probate court. Legal notice will need to be served on all interested parties. Though there are restrictive timelines involved, the court will generally give all parties the ability to be heard. Make no mistake about it, the process of contesting a Will or Trust in California is time consuming, stressful and expensive. That's why trying to resolve matters out of court first is always the best plan of action.

No matter what the facts and circumstances are in your particular situation, our Valencia and Oxnard Will Contest and Trust Litigation lawyers at Kaiden Elder Law Group, PC can help you build (or defend) your case. We are there for you throughout the entire litigation process.

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