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At our law firm, we limit our practice to:

In other words, we are a full-service trust and estates law firm that doesn't dabble in unrelated fields of law.

With our many years of experience, we expertly tailor estate and elder law plans to each of our client's unique needs and desires. Although we don't have a crystal ball, sometimes our clients think we do. That's because we often address complexities that are unforeseen by most.

Indeed, we live in a specialized world and instead of being a jack-of-all trades by practicing several different areas of law, our philosophy is that it is better to serve our clients in one area of law, and for us to do so, in a world class manner.

A History of Specialized Service

We are different. Since the 1990s, the attorneys at our firm have limited their practice to estate planning, elder law, post-death trust and probate administration, and trust litigation. 

An important question you might ask yourself is: How can a generalist truly hope to do a good job for their clients? The simple fact of the matter is that we live in a specialized world, which requires the service of specialists, not generalists.

At Kaiden Elder Law Group, PC, we are dedicated solely to matters that face elders and their families. Mr. Kaiden is an experienced attorney who is a certified specialist in estate planning, probate, and trust law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.


He has been recognized by his peers, as well as the community at large — he has a perfect 10 out of 10 rating on AVVO Legal for both estate planning and elder law, is rated by his peers as a Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent Attorney and is also a Past President of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys for Southern California. With experience and dedication, we at Kaiden Elder Law Group, PC serve our clients superbly and are proud to be recognized as a premier estate planning and elder law firm.

What's The Difference Between Estate Planning & Elder Law Planning?

That's the question we most frequently get asked. We've found that the best way to understand the difference is with two related questions: That is, estate planning really addresses the question of what happens when you die? Elder law addresses the questions surrounding what happens if you live longer than expected and you have huge care costs?

Estate Planning

In other words, completing an estate plan will help your family avoid a costly, time-consuming conservatorship and/or probate proceeding in the event of your incapacity or death, while helping you leave your assets to your loved ones in the manner you want. While we at Kaiden Elder Law Group, PC, recognize that it's extremely important to set up a comprehensive estate plan, to us, elder law planning is even more important because it addresses the questions surrounding what happens if you live and live and live...

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Elder Law Planning

Indeed, elder law is all about what happens as you age. Long term illness and disability raise tough questions for families. Most families bear these challenges in silence. But they don't have to. We are a unique law firm in California, in that we provide elder law services (i.e., Medi-Cal Planning, Asset Protection Planning, and the like) so seniors can ensure they get the best possible care and live the way they want without worrying about going broke just to pay for long term care costs as they age.

Besides engaging in Medi-Cal and Veterans' Pension Benefit Planning, we regularly fill out and submit VA and Medi-Cal Applications to help our clients actually obtain these public benefits. So whether you need estate planning or elder law services, we've got you covered.

Uniquely Helping People With Long Term Care, Senior Housing And Elder Law Life Care Planning

At Kaiden Elder Law Group, PC, we are proud that our services help seniors remain in their home as they age. Frankly nobody wants to live out their final days in a skilled nursing facility surrounded by strangers. But for most seniors to be able to afford to live their lives in the least restrictive environment (i.e., their home), they need a plan. As the old saying goes, “a failure to plan, is a plan to fail.”

And unfortunately in California most people (sadly even most attorneys) are not knowledgeable about elder care law, so they fail to set up an appropriate elder law focused estate plan. The result is that their “plan” fails to help them stretch out their resources and as such, many are stuck with what they get, which of course is not necessarily what they want.

Because we are experts in long term care, taxes and social security as well as with Medi-Cal and Veterans' Aid & Attendance Pension Benefits, we're able to help seniors tailor an estate plan that helps them stretch out their resources for as long as possible. Stretching out resources can be the difference between financial insecurity or impoverishment versus enjoying the best possible quality of life, until the end of life.

Offering You Holistic Law Practices

Kaiden Elder Law Group, PC, is a holistic law practice that offers legal services, care coordination, and advocacy services to help our elderly clients and their families navigate the long term care maze. We are dedicated to obtaining the highest quality of care for seniors and always seek to alleviate the physical, financial, and legal burdens of aging on elders and those who love them.

Our Distinctions

Your Partner After Losing Loved Ones

After a loved one passes away, successor trustees will need to administer a living trust, or, if a living trust fails (or simply when no planning was done in the first place), loved ones will generally need to open up a probate proceeding. If you are named a successor trustee in a trust or are a close family member of a now-deceased loved one who didn't have a good plan in place, please contact us for our trust administration, probate, and litigation services. At Kaiden Elder Law Group, PC, we help our clients through the most frightening of life circumstances, whatever that entails.

Our services include:

  • Trust Administration
  • Trust Litigation Services
  • Probate Proceedings
  • Small Estates Affidavits
  • Spousal Property Petitions
  • And More!

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What Sets Us Apart?

  • Over 20 Years of Legal Experience

    Attorney Kaiden has garnered over two decades of experience working with firms large and small, along with gaining extensive skill from time spent in the courtroom.

  • Remote Services Available

    We provide traditional in-person services as well as conferences via phone, Zoom, and Skype, maximizing convenience and efficiency to fit your lifestyle.

  • English & Russian Speaking Services

    We offer bilingual services in English and Russian to facilitate communication.

  • Board Certified Attorney

    Attorney Randall Kaiden is one of the few California attorneys who has been Certified as a Specialist in Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. He has also been recognized and rated by other California attorneys as a Martindale-Hubble AV Rated Preeminent Attorney and holds a perfect 10 out of 10 rating on AVVO Legal for estate planning and elder law.

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