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I found Mr. Kaiden to be very impressive.

I am an attorney myself, and I found Mr. Kaiden to be very impressive. My mom, who is elderly, needed an expert attorney to help her to create an estate plan (for when she dies) and a life plan (in case she lives a really long time, which we all would like to occur). After considering doing the work myself, I decided that this was too important a matter for me to dabble in, and we determined to find an expert for this matter. I found Mr. Kaiden by searching Google for estate planning lawyers. I screened out the non-specialists, and I narrowed my list to 3 attorneys. Then I did a deep dive to review their websites, their articles, and watch whatever they had on YouTube, to determine whether any of these guys gave me confidence in their work. I narrowed the list to two finalists, I called them both, and Mr. Kaiden was the first to call me back (the other guy took two days, which was disqualifying by itself). So we set up an appointment with Mr. Kaiden in his law office in Santa Clarita. I went with my mom so I could help her out and size Mr. Kaiden up for myself before we hired him to help us. In person, I found him to be smart, well-spoken, pleasant, and an expert in his subject matter. He took his time with my mom (the client) to interview her to understand her needs. She did not feel rushed at all. After we engaged him, he went to work drafting the package of documents that would execute my mom's specific estate and life plans. I found his documents to be well-drafted, and they were customized to our exact situation. Although I am an attorney too, I recognize that I could not have drafted these documents without the expertise that he has spent decades attaining. This is simply a matter for specialists. After the documents were drafted, he sent them to us for review. Once we were comfortable with them, we went to his office for a final in-person meeting so that he could answer any questions and so that my mom could sign the documents (and have them notarized on the spot). Now, my mom has an estate plan and a life plan that she believes in. We had put off estate planning and life planning for my mom until it was forced upon us by the sale of her home. It had been a cause of great anxiety for my mom. Now all of my mom's estate planning affairs are settled, and she is very much more relaxed. Based on my mom's experience, I intend to use Mr. Kaiden's services to set up my own estate plan (even though I hope not to need it for a long time, but you never know!). What can I say? I recommended his services to my own mother, and, after her experience turned out well, I intend to use him too to protect my own family in case things go wrong for me. I don't think I can give a higher recommendation than that.

– M.W.

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