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  • Randall goes above and beyond to do what’s best for his clients.
    Kaiden elder law group is amazing! The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Randall goes above and beyond to do what’s best for his clients. Thank you guys so much for everything!

    - Mychal Bogan

  • Kaiden Elder Law Group is a breath of fresh air! The staff is very friendly and welcoming.
    Kaiden Elder Law Group is a breath of fresh air! The staff is very friendly and welcoming. The attorney, Randall, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I’m so relieved this law group is everything my friend said they were and much more! I highly recommend them! Also paralegal Kelly is a woot and will make light of the most difficult situations. 10/10 experience.

    - Danielle Sandelli

  • From the first time I called Randall & his associates, they made me feel at ease & in good hands.
    I needed a trust for my 87 year old Mom. From the first time I called Randall & his associates, they made me feel at ease & in good hands. They explained everything simply & in terms I & my Mom could understand. In the end my Mom got what she needed & we can still call him, at no cost with any questions. Top tier Elder Lawyer.

    - Hector Gika

  • Mr. Kaiden's extensive experience and background blew the competition out of the water; he was recommending types of trusts that other attorneys in town hadn't even heard of.
    When my father's health went into a steep decline earlier this year, I needed someone who could get his estate in order ASAP. After watching several YouTube videos on elder care law, I stumbled upon Mr. Kaiden's and was impressed by his thorough understanding of the subject matter (particularly in California) and ability to translate complex concepts into plain English. After reaching out to his office, I received a response same-day. I contacted two other estate planning firms in Los Angeles for comparison, and Mr. Kaiden's extensive experience and background blew the competition out of the water; he was recommending types of trusts that other attorneys in town hadn't even heard of. It was an easy decision to make to hire him, and I was relieved that his office had the capacity to take us on as clients.

    My father had no estate planning in place prior to this, so everything was new to us. Mr. Kaiden spent hours with my family explaining to us the minutiae of the laws as they pertained to our particular situation, which involved both financial and medical matters. As the year progressed, and my father continued to decline, Mr. Kaiden made sure I was armed with documents to protect my father's assets, ensure my admittance to all medical facilities to advocate for his care, and shield my family from probate court upon his passing. Considering the expense of probate court, Mr. Kaiden's services more than paid for themselves.

    Now that my father has passed, we are further retaining Mr. Kaiden's office to ensure my mother has the same great protection that Mr. Kaiden bestowed upon my dad, and as her situation is different from my father's, Mr. Kaiden is tailoring his services to her needs--far from a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all approach.

    At the conclusion of what has been admittedly a terrible year for my family, I cannot put a price on the peace of mind that Mr. Kaiden's office has given us. I wholeheartedly recommend his team for any of your elder care law needs.

    - Julia Wells

  • So professional and thorough.
    Working with Randall Kaiden was absolutely my best legal experience ever. So professional and thorough, why can't they all be this good.

    - Mike V.

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  • When you need the best, forget the rest.
    Attorney Randall Kaiden is the real deal. When you need the best, forget the rest. Seriously.

    - J.P.

  • I found Mr. Kaiden to be very impressive.
    I am an attorney myself, and I found Mr. Kaiden to be very impressive. My mom, who is elderly, needed an expert attorney to help her to create an estate plan (for when she dies) and a life plan (in case she lives a really long time, which we all would like to occur). After considering doing the work myself, I decided that this was too important a matter for me to dabble in, and we determined to find an expert for this matter. I found Mr. Kaiden by searching Google for estate planning lawyers. I screened out the non-specialists, and I narrowed my list to 3 attorneys. Then I did a deep dive to review their websites, their articles, and watch whatever they had on YouTube, to determine whether any of these guys gave me confidence in their work. I narrowed the list to two finalists, I called them both, and Mr. Kaiden was the first to call me back (the other guy took two days, which was disqualifying by itself). So we set up an appointment with Mr. Kaiden in his law office in Santa Clarita.

    I went with my mom so I could help her out and size Mr. Kaiden up for myself before we hired him to help us. In person, I found him to be smart, well-spoken, pleasant, and an expert in his subject matter. He took his time with my mom (the client) to interview her to understand her needs. She did not feel rushed at all. After we engaged him, he went to work drafting the package of documents that would execute my mom's specific estate and life plans. I found his documents to be well-drafted, and they were customized to our exact situation. Although I am an attorney too, I recognize that I could not have drafted these documents without the expertise that he has spent decades attaining. This is simply a matter for specialists. After the documents were drafted, he sent them to us for review. Once we were comfortable with them, we went to his office for a final in-person meeting so that he could answer any questions and so that my mom could sign the documents (and have them notarized on the spot). Now, my mom has an estate plan and a life plan that she believes in.

    We had put off estate planning and life planning for my mom until it was forced upon us by the sale of her home. It had been a cause of great anxiety for my mom. Now all of my mom's estate planning affairs are settled, and she is very much more relaxed. Based on my mom's experience, I intend to use Mr. Kaiden's services to set up my own estate plan (even though I hope not to need it for a long time, but you never know!). What can I say? I recommended his services to my own mother, and, after her experience turned out well, I intend to use him too to protect my own family in case things go wrong for me. I don't think I can give a higher recommendation than that.

    - M.W.

  • He was very detail-oriented and professional.
    Randall and I went to law school together in the mid-90's. I thought he was a very nice guy, but we unfortunately lost contact. Little did I know that 20 years later, after researching potential attorneys and checking out his reviews, reputation and credentials, I'd select him as the estate planning attorney for my parents! He did a great job on what turned out to be a complicated estate plan (the family is still growing, and one of the grandchildren is special needs, which raised a lot of back-and-forth over the need for/terms of a Special Needs Trust). He was very detail-oriented and professional - he put a ton of time in to get everything right, considering every possibility, notwithstanding that he was drafting all the documents at a flat rate. My brother and I were very particular about numerous terms of the documents, and Randall was always very patient and helpful throughout numerous (and I mean numerous) e-mails and telephone conferences. And, my parents really liked him and felt comfortable with him, which I think is very important when anyone is drafting an estate plan. I will be contacting him soon to set up my OWN estate plan - I don't think I can give a better recommendation than that.

    - Steve S.

  • Randall Kaiden is a consummate professional.
    Randall Kaiden is a consummate professional. He has a personable and positive demeanor which many attorneys seem to lack. I highly recommend Randall Kaiden to anyone requiring top notch estate planning.

    - Peter S.

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  • Randall has been a lifesaver.
    Randall has been a lifesaver. He quite literally saved our family from legal paralysis and financial ruin when our elderly father suffered a sudden, catastrophic accident with no planning in place

    - Crys W.

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  • Impeccable Service
    Mr. Kaiden carefully advised us on a family trust and estate plan. Like many who do not yet consider themselves elders, we had no concept of elder law and the simple protections we could put in place now. This has created a great sense of security. Similarly, Mr. Kaiden's tax knowledge (in our particular case concerning the issue of citizenship) has been invaluable. It was rather frightening to discover the potential catastrophes our original trust harboured. The plan that Mr. Kaiden drew up for us is completely accessible in terms of managing the jargon and discerning the different instruments of protection used. He walked us step by step through funding, and has been consistently available to guide us by email and phone throughout the process as we encounter any difficulties. What was extra comforting about our experience was that Mr. Kaiden really took the time to know and understand our family such that each one of us, as far as the plan goes, feels safe and respected.

    - E & L.

  • He explains the process well.
    Setting up a trust seemed rather overwhelming at first, but with Mr. Kaiden's expertise and professionalism we were able to execute it without the stress I initially feared would be involved. He explains the process well and is always ready to answer all queries in a manner in which all can comprehend. Not only is Mr. Kaiden a reputable lawyer, he is also unpretentious and honest in his approach. It is also important to add that his staff is also very pleasant.

    - Gurpreet.

  • Help When I Needed It!
    Randall Kaiden and his staff helped me get Medi-Cal approval for my husband who is in a nursing home. This was an extremely difficult and confusing process and I couldn't have done it without them. They were patient and understanding and explained exactly what had to be done and why. I highly recommend Randall Kaiden for anyone with elder law needs.

    - Marilyn.

  • Randall and his team were always on top of it.
    Randall F. Kaiden helped our family setup a trust for my mother and also gave us much needed help in getting her Medi-Cal application approved. It was a long process but Randall and his team were always on top of it and in constant communication with our family. My sisters and I all are very happy with the professional and trustworthy service Randall and his team have given us!! He and his team have the experience and knowledge to navigate some very complex issues. I highly recommend them!!

    - Former Client

  • He is one of the most knowledgeable elder law attorneys in the area.
    Randall Kaiden was referred to me by my financial investment professional just about 20 years ago. Not only did he complete my original trust for me, he drove 45 minutes to my father's residence to complete paperwork for him since he was not able to drive. Randall just updated my trust for me within the past year. He is one of the most knowledgeable elder law attorneys in the area, if not the state. I have complete trust and faith in him and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a trust and/or legal advice.

    - Liz B.

  • Everyone at Kaiden Elder Law is so attentive.
    Best law firm, hands down. Everyone at Kaiden Elder Law is so attentive. I've never dealt with a law firm where you always feel like you're welcomed and you matter. Even though incredibly complex - everything from estate planning, Medi-Cal, Veterans Aid & Attendance planning, to the trust administration process - is made simple with this firm. I can honestly say that I have never felt so confident and comfortable. So don't hesitate to contact them. I highly recommend Mr. Kaiden and his staff for all your trust, estate and elder law needs.

    - Lis L.

  • This is a first-class, accessible and friendly law firm of the highest caliber.
    This business, specifically Mr. Kaiden, provided me with excellent and skilled counsel. He was attentive, responsive, and superbly informed in the subtleties and complications involved with social security, medicare, and medicaid. My particular situation dealing with the Medi-Cal and Medicare issues of my parents were especially intricate, since I wanted to make some of my assets available for my parents who are have supplemental security income, but not social security. Actually I didn't realize all the potential issues and problems that could arise when I was just trying to help them. But he was able to explain and unravel the confusion between all these public benefits immediately. He also devised a better solution for me to implement in order for me to help my parents. This is a first-class, accessible and friendly law firm of the highest caliber. They easily earn a 5 star rating from me.

    - Eva W.

  • We appreciate everything you have done to help us.
    Randall has been there for our family since day one helping our elderly mother to apply and get approved for Medi-Cal. He is very experienced and his knowledge is second to none! He and his staff are amazing and always available when we need help. We interviewed different elder law attorneys but we are very happy we went with Randall as we continue to use him. He also did a Living Trust for another member of our family. My family and I highly recommend Randall F. Kaiden for any Elder Law, Trust or Estate Planning issues you may need help with. Thank you again Randall & paralegals for all of your help assisting our 90 year old mother and our family during this very difficult period watching her mental health decline. We appreciate everything you have done to help us. May God bless you for your kindness and consideration.

    - Former Client

  • Randall was thorough, professional, extremely knowledgeable.
    My husband and I were referred to Randall Kaiden when our former trust attorney retired. We are extremely pleased with his handling of a complete restatement of our living trust. Randall was thorough, professional, extremely knowledgeable, and also endlessly patient in answering any questions we had. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone who needs to create, amend, or restate a living trust and especially to anyone dealing with elder law issues. Thank you to everyone at Kaiden Elder Law Group - a top notch firm.

    - Jane T.

  • He made the process simple, quick, and easy!
    I was referred to Attorney Kaiden by a good friend, who is also a lawyer himself. As expected, Attorney Kaiden was very knowledgeable and very detailed in explaining everything. He made the process simple, quick, and easy! We would definitely recommend him to friends and family. 5 stars!

    - John A.