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Elder law planning addresses important questions that people have about preparing for life after retirement. At Kaiden Elder Law Group, PC, we believe you should be able to live at home for as long as you want, which is why we help clients create comprehensive plans to assist with long term care expenses and other common necessities that seniors rely on.

Elder law focused estate plans are designed to begin at a fixed point in life, triggered by age or incapacity. The planning process is critical as regular probate avoidance estate plans do NOT allow one to engage in elder law planning later. This one mistake alone can make the difference from you living the life you want or becoming impoverished as you age. What perhaps worse, is without proper planning, a well spouse can become impoverished or forced to seek a divorce in order for an incapacitated spouse to obtain public benefits.

When you turn to Kaiden Elder Law Group, PC, our elder law attorneys work diligently to help you make savvy, sound preparations for the future so that your assets and loved ones are protected and you can live the way you want to live, and not be forced to struggle because you've run out of resources.

If you are looking for a well-known, experienced elder law attorney to help you create an estate plan, then please give us a call today at (661) 306-2500 to speak to our top-notch legal team.

What Are the Benefits of Elder Law Estate Plans?

At Kaiden Elder Law Group, PC, we realize the overlap between estate planning and elder law is very confusing to most people. In short, the best way to understand the different objectives with this type of planning is to understand what it's for. That is, estate planning is really planning that surrounds the question of what happens when you die. By contrast, elder law planning addresses the questions about what happens if you live, and live and live. People who live well into their 80s, oftentimes need help with long term care. You can always pay for that care out of pocket, but if you are like most American, eventually you'll run out of resources. That's where public benefits can help.

We focus on the following three main public benefits for our clients:

  • Medi-Cal In-Home Care Support Services: This is a government program that provides money to pay for caregivers which help seniors age in place in their homes. Family members can even be paid as caregivers.
  • VA Aid & Attendance Pension Benefits: VA Pension benefits provide much needed funds to veterans and their widows to help pay for long term care services, either at home or in a more formal setting.
  • Medi-Cal Benefits in Skilled Nursing Facilities: We help clients obtain long term care Medi-Cal Benefits. These benefits are used to pay for skilled nursing facility care, the most expensive institutional care out there. The average cost of this type of care is over $10,000/month in California and if you need acute care, the cost can be well over $30,000/month!

It is important to note however, that not everyone is going to qualify for every benefit. Public benefit laws are extremely complicated and change frequently. Our legal team at Kaiden Elder Law Group, PC takes great pride in our successful track record of helping seniors get the care that they need so they don't become impoverished trying to keep up with the rising costs of long term care.

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Our elder law focused estate plans are designed to reduce long term care expenses most individuals would otherwise incur in their golden years. The old adage is really true in this area of law: a failure to plan is a plan to fail. Don't be a victim of bad planning or no planning at all. Instead, call our office to make sure you have the right estate plan in place.

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