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The Oxnard estate planning attorneys at Kaiden Elder Law Group, PC, specialize in helping people ensure they have the correct legal tools set up to address the real life issues families face, from the most basic to the extremely complex.

For example, families with young children use their estate plan to appoint a guardian for minor children ensuring their kids are brought up in the manner they would want if they are not around.

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How Should I Set Up My Estate Plan?

People in the prime of their life need an asset protection focused estate plan, while the elderly should have plans centered on helping them obtain long term care benefits. As you can see, an estate plan is much more than just a will.

Our Oxnard estate planning attorneys can help you with:

What Are Trusts?

Trusts are management tools for finances, sometimes spanning multiple generations, providing protection from creditors, predators and even from beneficiaries' own spendthrift ways as well as including healthcare and long term care planning.

These powerful legal tools give your loved ones the ability to make financial and medical decisions on your behalf if you can't make them yourself. Indeed, estate planning documents ensure everyone involved knows your wishes and have the ability to carry them out.

A California estate plan can also:

  • Keep your estate from a long and expensive probate court process
  • Protect your assets and ensure they go to those you want (not lost to litigation)
  • Prevent your estate from being overtaxed and structured in a tax efficient manner
  • Help with social security, social security disability, supplemental security income, Medicare, Medicaid, Medi-Cal, Veterans' Aid & Attendance and much more

Typical Components of An Estate Plan

At Kaiden Elder Law Group, PC, we are dedicated to helping our clients make the right choices for their families financial and healthcare well being. Our Oxnard trust attorneys help clients draft estate planning documents specific to their needs and wishes.

All of the following documents will be included in a California Estate Plan:

  • Trust: A trust holds the legal title to your property with the intention of passing it to other persons once you've passed. The person or persons who receive the property in your trust are your beneficiaries.
  • Will: With a properly structured estate plan, your Will only really provides a safety net to pass on odds and ends to your beneficiaries. A will also typically names a guardian of minor children, should parents pass away before children have reached adulthood. Once you've drafted a will, you will also need to designate an executor responsible for following the terms of your will.
  • Financial Durable Power of Attorney: A durable power of attorney (DPOA) gives an appointed person the right to act on behalf of an incapacitated person in financial situations. A DPOA gives an individual power over your financial affairs, so it's important that person be a person you trust. Without a durable power of attorney, your loved ones would need to go to court to be appointed conservator over your estate.
  • Advance Health Care Directives: Medical directives can include a compilation of the following legal tools: Advance Health Care Directive, Advance Demential Directive, HIPAA Authorization, and Final Disposition Instructions.

Estate plans are created for a multitude of reasons. Our Oxnard estate planning attorneys can help you draft the right documents and make the right decisions to fit your situation.

Providing Thorough Preparation in Oxnard and Beyond

The estate planning process doesn't have to be complicated or difficult. At Kaiden Elder Law Group, PC, we help clients put together the right collection of legal documents to help you and your heirs carry out your wishes, both during life and after death. Clients find that our plans are thorough and complete ensuring no matter what the future holds, all will be well. Read our testimonials here!

Our compassionate and approachable estate planning attorneys in Oxnard will help you draft an estate plan that meets your needs. Contact us now at (661) 306-2500 to schedule a consultation.

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