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A person's estate is the result of years of hard work and planning. Many people create plans for their money and assets to be left to their children in the event of their death. However, there are companies and entities that act in bad faith to steal money from people's estates and overturn the specific wishes laid out in their Will and Trust.

Kaiden Elder Law Group, PC has created proprietary strategies to prevent unwanted legal actions from taking place and draining the estates of our Oxnard clients. The best way to avoid losing money to a hurt family member or beneficiary with little financial knowledge is to plan as much as possible. Our firm handles establishing trusts and wills for many clients as well as litigation once those clients have passed away, which means we have a deep understanding of the strategies bad actors use to drain inheritances.

Our litigation avoidance trusts can set your mind at ease knowing your desires for your estate will be carried out exactly as you wish without interference from people acting in bad faith. We have an aggressive and protective approach when it comes to estate planning, and because of this, none of our plans have been overturned by supposed beneficiaries to date.

The state of California is known for excessive litigation. California courts frequently side with creditors and set the precedence that creditors can drain trusts once people have passed on. Both spendthrift and discretionary trusts are now open to creditors as of 2020. However, we believe that our proprietary strategies for devising trusts can keep the estates of Oxnard citizens from being subject to litigation due to bad actors.

Family members are often responsible for trust litigation. Parents may give specific instructions in their wills only for their family members to take the issue to court because they feel entitled to a piece of the estate. This is true for stepchildren, as well. When someone is getting married for a second or third time, we always use litigation avoidance techniques when creating their estate plans to help ensure their estate is carried out exactly as they wish.

A litigation avoidance trust is beneficial to anyone who opts for one. If you believe a litigation avoidance trust is right for you due to a complicated family history or fear of bad actors, reach out to us today. We will do everything in our power to ensure your estate plan is solid and can't be unraveled by people acting in bad faith.

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